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Ben Newman

(Aiken, SC) Guitar, Harmonica,Vocals

Ben claims he has been playing TOO LONG. He started out as a Classical Guitar major at USC, but his heart is in all kinds of music. He knows no musical boundaries, but lays his hat at the crossroads of the blues. He's played in some variety bands, the country-rock band "1851", and is a founding member of "The Scratch Band", "The Revolaters", and "The Kool Katz". Ben says his gear of choice is FENDER! FENDER! FENDER!, playing a Fender Stratocaster (that looks like it has been used as a boat paddle) and a 70's Fender Twin Reverb amplifier with JBL speakers and "tons of cosmetic repairs needed". He manipulates that tone with a Boss ME-30 foot pedal that he has been "tweaking for years", enabling him to play anything from Alan Jackson to Aerosmith at the tap of his foot. He is a musical jack of all trades and a master of none, living to play music (he says too bad he ain't any good at it- hah!) and his list of favorite bands is too many to mention here (ask him when you have the time). Each gig is a new adventure for him, in hoping that someone will feel good by what they hear. Ben's favorite quote is "Life is 10% what you make of it, and 90% how you take it - PLAY HARD!"

Davie Shull

 (New Holland, SC) Bass Guitar, Vocals

Davie has been playing bass guitar since around 1980 when he was in the 7th grade. Long before that he was strumming a Roy Rogers model guitar and dreaming of being a cowboy when he grew up (he's still waiting on that to happen!). Music has always been a part of his life - singing in the kid's choir at church; taking piano lessons; playing trumpet in junior high, high school, and college bands; singing in the middle school chorus; and listening and watching wide-eyed at his Dad's first cousin's band, "The Barefoot Five", playing at local community dances. Perhaps it was their example and encouragement that motivated him to take up the bass. Davie picked up some of his first licks sitting alongside their bass player at some of those community dances when he was around thirteen. He can remember sitting at home for hours in his room trying to pick out that bass line to "The Devil Went Down to Georgia". His first band evolved out of a small group formed to accompany the middle school chorus. He would go on to play music with some of these same guys on and off for almost 14 years. Some of the band's that he has played with were called "Phoenix", "Southwind", "911", "The Bluz Hounz", "Creole Ride", "Cheyenne", and he is one of the founding members of "Anybody's Guess". Davie has also played bass guitar at Clemson University in the Tiger Marching Band, Pep Band, and Jazz Band. In addition to "Anybody's Guess", Davie also performs in the duo, "The Kool Katz" with Ben. His current bass gear consists of a Music Man Stingray 5-string bass, two Hartke 4-10 cabinets, and a Peavey Mark VIII amp. Of course, he still owns his first real bass, a 1981 Fender Precision Special, and a 12-watt Fender Musicmaster Bass Amp (he also still owns every car he has ever purchased too...a grand total of three!). Davie's influences in music are quite numerous and diverse, but he really enjoys groups with rich vocal harmony like some of his earliest influences: The Eagles, Alabama, Restless Heart, and Little Texas. Besides the pure enjoyment of making music with some really great musicians and friends, Davie gets perhaps an even bigger thrill out of seeing people having a great time dancing and listening to the band's music.


Willie Glover

(Lexington, SC) Keyboard, Mouth Harp, Vocals.

Please welcome our newest member! Willie has been hitting on keys since he was 8 years old, and singing well most of his life. Raised up in the small town of Gaston, SC, he was influenced by his mother, Mama's Boy. She was a good teacher, mama said to heard what the song is tellin' ya, and to stay away from the girls... they're the devil. He played keyboards for Seacoast Church for 8 years, and other church venues for 7 years, Big Willie performed on several Carnival Cruise Ships, singing to the audience and entertaining any passengers that was drunk enough to listen to him,. His stage name was The Wonderful Wilma Jean. One of  biggest highlights in his music career was performing at "The Rock  Fort" at Fort Jackson SC. The "Voice" Band had the pleasure of performing in front of 10,000 Military Soldiers, with a full blown concert venue to honor our service men and women.

Richard Turner

(Augusta, GA) Drums, Vocals

Since the age of 6 years old Richard has been hitting the skins and full of energy. He joined his first band " Sam Myers & The Westerners" at the age of 11, then joining up with Ronnie Davis in a verity band "The Good Times" at the age of 15. He jump on tour throughout Atlanta opening for various famous artist like Tanya Tucker, Don Williams, McBride and The Ride, Foster & Loyd, Leroy Parnell, Trace Adkins, Montgomery Gentry, Merle Haggard, Sammy Kershaw, John Micheal Montgomery, Brad Paisley, Mel McDaniel, Aaron Tippin, Confederate Railroad, and the list goes on. Wow this cat sure got around!! 

Having over 44 years under his belt, Richard understands the blessing that was given to him and the man doesn't hold back when he performs. And of course......he's not a bad singer either, This COOL Cat has a killer set of pipes!!


Fred Seay

(Wagner, SC) Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

Please welcome Fred, one of our newest member! What can we say, when this man cuts loose on a guitar you can even see his fingers. With smokin vocals, the man can sing like a little birdie.  Fred is a long time member of Absguess. With long time friend Davie, they performed together back from 1980 until 1997.  Freddie has been around a long time, he's opened shows for cool artists like Waylon Jennings, Confederate Railroad, and Radney Foster, He also played in a Contemporary Christian band " All Will Be Won" for 5 years. They say BIG suprises comes in small packages, this guy is DYNO MITE!!

Marshall Sanders

(Aiken, SC) Sound Reinforcement

Bringing his "...wattage to yo cottage..." He is the man behind the scenes, keeping us sounding so good.   Marshall started working with local bands in 1981 and in 1985 graduated from Full Sail University.  He then went on the road mixing sound with regional touring bands often working with national acts. He returned home to South Carolina in 1998 to be with family and start working the local scene.  He joined Anybody's Guess in 2003 and the rest is history.

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